Cappadocia Tour

Cappadocia Tour

DAY 1:

After breakfast at our hotel, we set out for Cappadocia.

Cappadocia consists of three parts, namely Başhisar, Ortahisar and Uçhisar. Uçhisar Castle is the highest area among them.

Uçhisar Castle:
It is the biggest fairy chimney of Cappadocia. You can reach the summit by stairs from inside and outside the castle. It contains carved tombs, jars and a large cistern. The view is worth seeing. You can watch Cappadocia, which is covered with vast fairy chimneys, from a bird's eye view.

After our Uçhisar castle tour, we set out for Güvercinlik Valley.

Güvercinlik Valley: It got its name from the pigeon nests carved into the rocks. The people of the region have benefited from their manure and eggs by feeding pigeons for years.

Afterwards, we pass to a point where we can watch the Göreme Valley panoramically and take a coffee break. Then we go to the onyx stone workshop to watch the construction phase of the onyx stone used in jewelry and ornaments. Here you can buy jewelry and ornaments.

Then we go to our restaurant for lunch. Our fisrt stop after Lunch is Pasabag Valley.

Paşabağ Valley: The valley that hosts the most beautifully preserved fairy chimneys of the region. In addition to the giant fairy chimneys, there is a chapel built in the name of St. Simon in the valley.

After completing our valley tour, we set out for Göreme Open Air Museum.

Göreme Open Air Museum: This is considered to be the place where the monastic education system was started. In this area, there are rock churches, chapels, dining halls and sitting areas. The Bible and Jesus Christ are depicted on the frescoes in the churches. On our tour of the museum, we see the Monastery of Girls and Boys, the Church of St. Basileus, the Yılanlı Church, the Dark Church, the Çarıklı Church and the Tokalı Church. This place takes place in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

After visiting the open air museum, we set out for our hotel.

Our guests can attend the Turkish Night Dinner if they wish.

Accommodation is in Cappadocia.

DAY 2:

After breakfast at our hotel, we set out for Derinkuyu Underground City.

Derinkuyu Underground City: It can accommodate a large number of people and meet their needs. Unlike other underground cities, our underground city tour includes the missionary school, the confessional, the baptismal pool and the well. The place, which consists of interconnected rooms, is connected by narrow tunnels that only one person can pass through.

After completing our Derinkuyu tour, we set out for Narlıgöl.

Narlıgöl: It is stated that it is good for various diseases because it is very rich in calcium, sodium and bicarbonate. It is thought that the healing water, which is suitable for the treatment of rheumatic and skin diseases, especially psoriasis, is also good for blood circulation, heart, vein, blood pressure and neurological diseases. In addition, the use of appropriate doses also offers heliotherapy. It creates a romantic heart-shaped look where you get low water level.

After visiting the crater lake that is one of nature's best gifts to us, we go to our restaurant for lunch.

After lunch, a green walk awaits us. We set off for the Ihlara Valley.

Ihlara Valley: This is the world's largest canyon in which people live. The valley, which forms a whole with both history and nature, contains the Melendiz Stream. We take a long and fascinating walk from the riverside to the area where the churches and chapels are located. During the walk, you come across impressive rock carvings.

After our valley tour, we settle in our hotel. Accommodation is in Nevşehir.

DAY 3:

We leave our hotel in the morning and set off for the airport.

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